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Scheibe Bergfalke IV


Our newest aircraft, the last ever Bergfalke IV to be produced by Scheibe. Bergfalke is German for Mountain Falcon. First registered as D-6930 she flew with a German club from 1979 to 1983. She was then sold to Goteborgs Segelflygklubb in Sweden, flying as SE-TYS. In the winter of 2006 she was bought by two members of the Zeeland Aero Club (EZAC) at Axel in the Netherlands and was registered as PH-1386 where she was affectionately referred to as the Blue Angel. She came to Andreas in 2011 and was first flown on the 6th of November 2011.

Aircraft Details
Best Glide Ratio34:1
Tail NumberLHF

During 2009 our faithful Blanik - "Boggles" - was grounded, along with all Blaniks in Europe, as a result of concerns of wing fatigue life. Whilst a repair scheme is available, it was simply not cost effective so Boggles was grounded for good. The club was loaned a M200 for the duration of 2010 whilst the Blanik's fate was decided, but by Christmas 2010 it was obvious a new aircraft would be needed.

A Bergfalke IV was identified as the ideal aircraft, as unlike the more ubiquitous K-13 the Bergfalke rests on wheels rather than a wheel and skid. Our experience with the M200 had shown the runways at Andreas to lead to a very short lifespan for the skid. With only two BF4's on the UK register (one coincidentally located in the Netherlands) we were doubtful we'd find one. However, in the Spring of 2011 we were contacted by Yves from EZAC offering their Bergfalke for sale.

In June 2011 a group of three club members travelled to Axel to see the Bergfalke, and after a few quick test flights and exchange of funds it was back on the ferry complete with Bergfalke. Yves and Dennie, her previous owners were sad to see her go, but were glad that she had found a home where she'll get to fly frequently, and Andreas Gliding Club trainee pilots can complete their first solo flight with this beautiful glider.


Leaving Hull on the outbound trip


Taking the Bergfalke out for a test flight


Yves helping to film-wrap the Bergfalke to protect her on the road..


..though he later wanted to hold onto her for a while longer


Yves and Dennie say goodbye to their Blue Angel


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