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LET L-13 Blanik - "Boggles"


She gets her name from a love affair with a SE5a model during Dave's modeling era in the '70's (God that's a long time ago!). Then, all his models were named after Russ Abbots spoofing of W.E. Johns character Biggles. Any how it also kinda fits with "Blanik".

Dave purchased "Boggles" in 1992 after it was rebuilt using life extended wings from BGA2009 and then again in 1999 from BGA 1829.

Requiring yet another set of wings in 1999 we thought that her days were numbered... until that is some unknown member of a gliding club from the south of England managed to heavy land their Blanik without damaging the wings!

Now with yet another set of wings she continues to serve the clubs two seater role quite adequately.

Aircraft Details
Best Glide Ratio28:1 @ 49kts
Minimum Sink Rate1.48kts
BGA Number1830
Tail NumberCVA

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